Bushtucker Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

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You simply HAVE to try Captain Coffee`s Bushtucker Chocolate Covered Coffee beans!

The bushtucker we use is quandongs which are a uniquely Australian fruit that grow in arid & semi-arid regions. Ours are from outback South Australia.

 South Australia Dairy Awards - 2012 - Silver Medal

They have a higher vitamin C content than oranges & are sometimes refered to as "wild peach". They taste more "citrus" than "peach" to us! Native Australians have used them for thousands of years for food. They are used to make jams & chutneys too.

The coffee bean at the centre is a Kenya Peaberry. OK - not Aussie, but a brilliant choice when combined with chocolate for an outstanding treat! We have found nothing that even comes close in quality.

We use a 55% cocoa content Barry Callebaut Couverture chocolate & melt milled Quandongs into it. The dark colour of the chocolate & the light chunks of Quandong are sensational. See the picture!

Try them! You will love these unique chocolate covered coffee beans! Amazing!

Gluten free - tantalisingly tempting!

NOTE: This product contains caffeine (of course!) & may contain traces of nuts.

Allergens: Lactose

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